First Interview has developed many systems to help you communicate with other affiliates and recruiters on the network. Whether it be sending out job orders or hot candidate announcements, we have a system that will fit your needs.

Using the Web, you can communicate easily and securely with other member recruiters around the country and around the world. Extensive member profiles are readily available to help you determine who best to work with. 

By using First Interview's unique engagement process we help with passing communication to all the parties in the process. Whether you are holding the opening or participating in someone else's opening you get continuous feedback throughout the process.

Job Orders, Hot Candidate Announcements, or Simple Requests can be delivered to the entire network or a select group with the click of a button. We give our members the tools they need to communicate at whatever level they choose.

Our quarterly newsletter "The Innerview" is always packed full of information about the membership, international happenings, and trends in the industry. We profile new members as well as offer our tenured members an opportunity to share some of their wisdom with the group.