Regardless if you are one-man shop or have many desks – if you are doing split placements then you need to belong to a network. In the world of split placements, you never know what you’re going to get with the partner you are working with. Unless you have a long standing relationship with that partner you may end up being left out in the cold with no recourse. The biggest fears of doing split placements are having that person not pay you for your work or steal you clients or candidates right out from under you. Why would anyone want to do business with that fear hanging over their head?

The First Interview Network provides you that support and structure to do split business without any fear.  As a member of the network you are protected under our Policies and Procedures – a document that every member must agree to before gaining access to our system. Not only do new members have to agree to the terms, but we actually test everyone on the policies, so we know they actually read them. Under the policies you can now do split business with a group of more than 300 offices all working under the same structure.

We know that dealing with independent recruiters – they all do thing a little bit different and they all run their offices and desks in their own way. At First Interview we don’t try to change the way you do business, but we simply offer structure and an even playing field when doing split business. You remain free to run your desk how you see fit and continue to do business and support your clients in manor they have become accustom to, but now you have the backing of more than 1000 recruiters to help you fill those openings even faster and make sure no one else is taking care you your client before you do.

In addition to providing structure for split placements First Interview membership can open new doors to making more placements just based on candidates you already have sitting in your database. As a member you have private access to jobs post on the network – not available to the public – to search and source candidates for. So that candidate that is sitting on your desk and will not be on the market long may be able to fit the needs of one of your partners on First Interview. Revenue that you would not have access to unless you belong to the network. Now you can meet your client’s needs and help increase your revenue from a variety of new channels.

Feel free to learn more about the opportunities that First Interview can open for you and your firm by checking out some of the other areas on the site. When you are ready fill out the application and we will get back in touch with you to discuss more about the network and see if we can make this a win-win for everyone.