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Many of the major companies don't post their openings on job boards - they use top recruiters to find them the best talent to fill their positions.  Recruiters source candidates for top openings in a lot of ways, one of which is through distributing their opening to a network of top recruiters that can provide candidates for those openings. In many cases if you are not actively working with a recruiter, then you may never have access to these openings.

First Interview offers you access to many of these openings. When you create a profile on First Interview you are now in front of hundreds of the top sales and marketing recruiters and your information is searched on daily. In addition, we offer you the ability to search the openings that they are sharing with other recruiters. If you find an opening that you are a good fit for - you can apply online and follow-up directly with the recruiter that posted the opening. 

First Interview is not a recruiting firm - we simply manager the network, since our inception we have stayed away from recruiting in house. If you are coming to us from a recruiter provided link, then you will be partnered with that recruiter. If you have found us from a web search or other source, then you will be registered with us. If you find your search not going as well as you would like, please use the contact us page and let us know and we will help to put you in touch with a recruiter in your area to work with. We are in the business of getting people placed so we are happy to help. 

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