Quality Partners

Quality partners is the concern of any independent recruiter that is doing split work. At First Interview we take the guess work and worry out of doing split business. 

We are uniquely positioned to add only the best recruiting firms as members. As an established network we're not in a rush to simply build a roster. Our Advisory Board (a selected group of members) carefully review all applications for experienced, ethical team players.

Having quality partners and a structured network to do split business with can make a world of difference. One of the many things we have learned over the years is that just about all independent recruiters do things a little differently. Here at First Interview we have no desire to change how you do business or limit your ability to grow and expand your business. We simply offer a way to do split business with quality partners under a structured system where all the parties follow the same guidelines. 

First Interview follows a set of Policies and Procedures that have been developed over our 30 year history of working with recruiters doing split placements. These Policies and Procedures offer all the members a set of guidelines to follow so everyone is working by the same set of rules which leads to very few conflicts.